Fuedlings was a fun read, and absolutely riveting toward the end. I could not put it down. The battles near the end of the book seemed very Harry Potter-esque to me, and that's a great thing. HP still tops my YA list as the very best out there. Of course, the characters were endearing and the romance was sweet. In fact, the book was surprisingly emotional in unexpected ways
~Kindle Customer
There were so many moments in this book where I wanted to either cry or laugh out loud. Air is like the best character ever. She is a great woman role model. J would recommend this book to any young adults who love action and romance. BEST BOOK EVER!!!!
I LOVE IT! I stayed up till 2 AM reading it, because I couldn't put it down! It only takes about 4-5 hours to read it. The only bad part is the book ends on a cliffhanger. But they're not expensive and are sooooooo much worth the pittance cost to purchase this book.
This review written by the collaboration of a 13 year old and her mom. The teen is willing to do extra chores and pay for the novels so you know it's a good series!
~Monique Atgood
Warrior Beautiful, however, reminds me of J.K. Rowling and Rick Riordan rolled into one. That's how epic the battle scenes are in this book. They are so descriptive and full of such great action, I couldn't help but wonder what graphic artists and cgi techs could do with it on film.
I have to be honest...I heard the word "unicorn" and thought "um this book isn't going to be my thing." But, since I'm such a fan of the author's work, I had to give it a read. And...I LOVED IT! I was sucked in immediately and read the entire book in a day. While I've enjoyed all of this author's books, this one is definitely my favorite.
I want more! Where do I start? Wendy Knight gives us another strong, tough-as-nail, but oh-so-humans, heroine. Navi is a "normal" human girl during the day, and a fierce demon hunter at night. She is navigating her way through school, friendships, love, a broken heart, and everything else the universe sees fit to throw at a young woman, all while protecting humanity from the sea witch.
I loved this book, and immediately went to look for more. If you're a fan of paranormal/romance style books, pick this one up. Anything by Wendy never disappoints, and this one is no exception. A perfect summer read!
~I'm the Ginger
Um, WOW! I don't usually read 'scary' stories, but I adored Princess of the Damned! It's rare to find a book that feels so new and fresh and enchanting. I was completely sucked into the world(s) of Eiress and Landon. Their love story is so pure. Through them, Wendy Knight reminds us that it's important to look at the soul, and not the outward appearance of someone. I highly recommend this book. It's exciting, daring, and inspiring. I was so swept away that I'm struggling to connect with real life again!
This isn't the sort of book I normally read--I'm a cozy mystery and non-fiction reader--but everyone I know is reading it, so I bought a copy, not really sure what to expect. By yesterday, I was prepared to contact the author to tell her she'd have to fly in and do my chores and writing because I was too busy worrying about Ari to take care of them myself. I read and read and read, unable to put the book down. The author is a brilliant plotter and her characters have unusual depth. Despite a seemingly impossible storyline, every bit of it was believable...Although many have billed it as a teen romantic fantasy, I found it was much deeper than that, with thoughtful explorations into issues of agency, war, and the role of choice and consequence playing out in this powerful story.